Ritzy Park: Rock Regenerated

A small stroll from the East Side Gallery beside the Spree, the nHow hotel hosted a music night on Saturday 3rd February. The venue itself was a modern work of art focused on what can only be described as "blobby" and dream-like decor with varied colourful lighting, interactive projections of fish on floor and unique art pieces of Bowie and The Beatles upon the walls. It was free entry, but drink prices were higher than a regular Warschauer Straße bar.

There was a line-up of three artists/bands, but as each have their own unique genre and sound I have decided to write on them individually. Having seen Ritzy Park before at a Basement Bash event and being friends with the band members, I had prepared myself for a night of dancing, head-banging and unleashing the inner rock god.

Ritzy Park was the band hitting off the evening, so the deep bass twangs and varying guitar riffs filled the hotel. Their band is set up and based on classical rock bands in both structure and appearance, their stage presence in particular had the feel of classic 70s and 80s rockers like Fleetwood Mac, Nirvana and Bruce Springsteen. Although, with a keyboard so clear, deep beats and the resonating, echoing vocals, Ritzy Parkcreates and alternative and unique melody that moves away from these more traditional forms.

Ritzy Park

Ritzy Park

Karolina Beyer, lead vocals and guitar, absolutely dominated the stage and the rest of the room like she owned it - running off the stage and dancing with audience members, throwing her jacket into the crowd and pouring a stream of water all over herself mid-song like a real rock star was definitely a performance highlight. Her voice has a developed and sophisticated range that can go dark and deep, powerful and loud, soft and delicate all within one song and allows it to flow and merge together effortlessly.

Karolina Beyer, lead vocals and Per Monstad, bass.

Karolina Beyer, lead vocals and Per Monstad, bass.

Both she and Elias Graversen, both keys and vocals, are the songwriters of the band. Elias became lead vocals for a song he wrote, Places to Call Home, an emotive song about living in the city that was beautifully sung and performed, playing the guitar slowly and completely immersing us in melody. Elias' keyboard performances and production was clear throughout each piece - which is what altered and renewed the sounds of the band from its 70s rock inspirations.

The band performing Elias Gaversen's song  Places to Call Home. 

The band performing Elias Gaversen's song Places to Call Home. 

Their lead guitarist, Tristan Banks, let loose some incredible guitar riffs that just rippled through the crowd and got everyone jumping and with his long, wavy hair head-banging on the stage just completed the band's look. These riffs really transformed some of the songs, his solo moments were effortless and constantly provided the atmosphere of long-timer, professional rock bands that get the crowd fully immersed in their performances.

Tristan Banks playing for  Ritzy Park

Tristan Banks playing for Ritzy Park

Per Monstad is Ritzy Park's bass player, who's deep, drawing pulls on the bass seemed to be the resonating sound of the beginning and end of each song. He combined some grungy riffs with Tristan's electric guitar, to create a combination of dark and delicate textures to each piece. He stabilised each song and had a calmer demeanour on stage that varied the overall collective.

Per and Tristan,  Ritzy Park

Per and Tristan, Ritzy Park

The impeccable drum beats were created by Ylva Brandtsegg, with drums covered in pink glitter, she had an incredible, vibrant energy that pumped up every tune. In the slower songs, she remained steady and kept the beat well, yet she infused intensity into each of the faster and more up-beat tracks. One particular solo in a song had everyone cheering just at the sheer stamina of beat production.

Together, Ritzy Park produce some unstoppable beats with fervour and force that create seamless sounds, incredibly constructed songs and create a vibe that dabbles in both rough, head-banging rock to more subtle tunes that enliven the audience. The overall look, feel and atmosphere of the band was professionally established and has the makings for future stardom.

Ritzy Park's next live performance will be on Thursday 15th February at Barkett bar's "Get Down Thursday!" with performances from band Me and the Monster.

Find the Facebook event link here: https://www.facebook.com/events/421748321592655/

Ritzy Park are on Facebook and Instagram, to catch updates on their EP which is to be released in April this year and to find out when you can see other live performances:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ritzyparkband/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ritzypark_music/

Their website: https://ritzypark.com/

Ritzy Park 's EP release is due April 2018

Ritzy Park's EP release is due April 2018